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Resources - Online and Offline Sources


The images presented on this website, were obtained from both online and offline sources.  Multiple images were from NASA's website and from their Multimedia Archive. Other images, obtained from offline sources, were mostly scanned from the book "Man's Conquest of Space" by William R. Shelton (which was obtained at the American University Library).  Additional research was also conducted via Aladin services and other online library search catalogs.


Many of the multimedia files found on this website were from the NASA's Multimedia / Audio Archive and many of the Russian sound files were obtained from the website Sounds from Space.  The introduction music file was from the film Apollo 13, with additional editing done by our group (which was the addition of sounds and voices of those who were dominant figures during the Space Race.)


Using Adobe Photoshop, we were able to present our subject with the graphics that truly represent it.  Also, by using Real Audio, we are able to present to an online audience the speeches, newscasts, sounds, and voices of the Space Race.  These sounds of the past, were those that fueled the dreams and goals of two competing superpowers for the conquest of space.

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